About Strio Consulting

Strio was founded on this idea; in order to build the best group of dedicated Consultants we’d need to also find a way to build a family. After many years in the industry, we found that often Consultants are treated as dispensable resources by their organizations. Strio has sought after a better way to handle this business. We began to build a highly engaged ‘family’ of Consultants that we value and respect for the unique talents they bring to both Strio and our clients. We have since created a collaborative environment for our ‘family’ to engage with and mentor each other, ask questions and share best practices, all while growing personally and professionally. Our Consultants are loyal partners who design tailored solutions to assist our clients in reaching their goals and overcoming their challenges.

We specialize in Recruitment Marketing and Branding, Recruiting Strategy, Sourcing, HR and Recruiting Systems.

Interested in working with us?

Strio is always looking for consummate professionals to join our consulting practice. Life at Strio is fast paced, as we are moving at the speed of our clients. Bring your passions with you and save room for fun; we combine all of these to make up our successful and unique business culture.