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Talent will always be the engine that drives the growth of your company and when your talent isn’t able to scale at the speed you need your capacity for growth will naturally be inhibited. Strio has years of experience helping organizations understand their growth objectives and plan their talent strategies to meet those goals.

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HR Systems

So many of our clients implement expensive, labor-intensive HR technology that are intended to solve all of their business pain points. A few months after go live they realize their systems aren't configured right, their workflows don't follow their actual process or they just plain don't understand how to optimize it. Finding (and paying for) a resource from their vendor can be daunting. Strio has a team of experienced professionals that can help you get the ship righted and your team on the path to efficiency.

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Talent Acquisition

Hiring the right people, the right way, at the right time takes years of experience. We have a team of Recruiters and Recruiting Leaders who love the true partnership of working with your hiring managers to understand their short and long term needs and building talent strategies around those goals. From recruiting to building talent acquisition teams to implementing Applicant Tracking Systems, our Recruiters are excited to begin the Talent Acquisition process with you.

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Executive Search

Executive talent attraction and engagement is a critical component of any Talent Acquisition strategy. Adept at confidential searches, our Executive Recruiters have carefully maintained pipelines for our clients and will create curated lists of candidates after careful client consultation.

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Human Resources

Whether you're needing help finding the impact of a new regulation, advice on a compensation rule or just assistance with growth, our tenured professionals can assist in working through some of the most complex situations. We specialize in onboarding, benefits, compensation, HR law, payroll and RPO services.

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Strio is always looking for consummate professionals to join our consulting practice. Life at Strio is fast paced, as we are moving at the speed of our clients. Bring your passions with you and save room for fun; we combine all of these to make up our successful and unique business culture.

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