Strio Consulting – Clients

Who we are

Working at the intersection of recruitment and technology, we deliver world-class support and resources for future-focused organizations. We partner with our clients in order to deliver effective, creative, and agile solutions in all areas of talent strategy, recruiting, and systems.

Specialties: Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Solutions | Systems | Talent and HR Strategy | TA Workflow & Process Design | HR Technology Optimization | US and Global

Company Values

At Strio Consulting we’re a community; a group of individuals who’ve come together to partner with our clients and create successful futures.

We support and encourage each other. We cheer our team-mates on when they’re trying something new, challenging or audacious. We laugh with each other (a lot) and sometimes we cry with each other. Occasionally, just like a family, we disagree. Someone may get mad but then, inevitably, we hug it out. Virtually of course.

Our company values are the essence of our identity. These values define what we believe, how we operate, and what’s important.

Lots of companies talk about an “open door” culture but we embrace a culture with no doors and wide-open windows. We’re transparent and accessible to our clients and to each other. Got a question? Ask it. Need access to someone? You got it. Think something sucks? Bring it up.

We’re honorable and trustworthy in all our interactions; integrity is non-negotiable. We play it straight from the get-go and, if we screw up, we own it. The needs and interests of our clients are top of mind. Always.

We’re OK with being weird. Really. We consider it a badge of honor to be of strange or extraordinary character. Got humor? We like that too.

We’re not bound by the traditional walls of an office nor are we stuck in the typical nine-to-five grind. With a reverential nod to workplace customs that have served us well, we take great delight in consigning the soul-sucking, outdated ways of doing things to the trash heap of business practices as we focus on the future of work. We pride ourselves in the way we work; we’re creative, adaptable and fast-moving - and we help our clients work this way too.

We surround ourselves with people who exhibit insatiable curiosity; people who read, learn, explore and debate. We like people who ask “why?” and we love nothing more than answering that question

Our community – our company – is made up of human beings and we celebrate the individual. Be yourself. Be unique. Be special. Live your best life.

Want to Work with Us?

Strio is always looking for consummate professionals to join our consulting practice. Life at Strio is fast paced, as we are moving at the speed of our clients. Bring your passions with you and save room for fun; we combine all of these to make up our successful and unique business culture.